Jani Jaatinen coming to Bali in May 2015 !

8 – 10 May 2015 in Ubud 

2 workshops per day (Morning Workshop 8-10 am -except Friday 9-11 am- and Afternoon Workshop 4-6 pm, followed by 30 minutes chanting/philosophy session)

Join us during 3-days workshop, to deepen your practice and meet Gokulacandra.

8th May – Friday
Morning Workshop 9-11 am – Abdominal Strengthening

When we think of abdominal muscles, we think about the belly and physical strength. A deeper look at the Yoga Sutras will reveal a profound center of body/mind connections. By samayama on the navel, the yogi acquires perfect knowledge of the disposition of the human body. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras say that the navel is considered to be the pivot of the sympathetic, and the brain of the parasympathetic nervous system.
Medicine calls the “gut brain” a second brain; a complex independent nervous system that lines the gastrointestinal
tract that can impact health and wellbeing.
In this workshop we will practice asanas and breathing and see how both can sooth and strengthen the physical core and learn the connections between the brain, the gut, and the nervous system.

Afternoon Workshop 4-6 pm – Hip Opening

+ 30 minute philosophy/chanting session

The stress and activity of everyday life can often cause us to habitually move in certain ways and be in positions
that lead to tightness and discomfort of our hips. In this workshop, we will focus on yoga asanas (postures) that
will help release the tightness, tension, and pain in this area of our body.
This will be a deliciously challenging and flowing vinyasa sequence that will begin by creating heat and mobility
in the joints and end with the long deep hip openers that our bodies crave!

9th May – Saturday

Morning Workshop 8-10 am – Breathing and Bandhas I

We will start the morning with a brief introduction to what the bandhas are and what this mystical ujjayi breath is.
We will move into a strong dynamic flow, playing around with our breath and using this breath to create a focused
moving meditation in our practice. We will be looking at a full range of different breathing techniques cleansing
the body using pranayama. Only by mastering the breathe will you gain true access to the power centers deep within
your pelvis, often referred to as the “bandhas”.

Afternoon Workshop 4-6 pm – Breathing and Bandhas II

+ 30 minute philosophy/chanting session

The bandhas are the most elusive aspect of practice. They are energy ‘locks’ – The 3 principle ones essentially
being the use of deep core muscles for stabilising either part or the full length of the spine within asanas and
especially the transitions between, to enhance energy flow and improve overall postural integrity.
Taking specific actions and experiencing the resulting impact is an ‘activation of the bandhas’.
In this workshop we will actively explore different asanas with the application of different bandhas and thus
leading to a flowing practice.

10th May – Sunday

Morning Workshop 8-10 am – Arm Balance

This workshop will provide in-depth instruction and guidance with challenging arm balances. We will also
examine techniques on how to protect your joints by using various bandhas. Create freedom and strength in hip,
neck and shoulders. Strengthen and lengthen the muscles around these joints and create space in these areas. Come learn a pathway to channel these postures into your everyday practice with ease and excitement!

Afternoon Workshop 4-6 pm – Inversions

+ 30 minute philosophy/chanting session

The inverted postures of yoga are some of the most beneficial yet intimidating of the asanas. You will be
introduced to and practice postures such as headstand, forearm stand, handstand, and more. You will be guided
through alignment, technique, proper modifications, and feel how to develop the power in your core strength.
Learn to use the wall, or a buddy, as a way to continue practicing inversions beyond this class.

Price- 100$ per day or any Morning session $50 and any afternoon session $60 (Early bird is $45 and $55)

Early Birds price (till the end of march)- 270$ for all 3 days.

The workshop will take place in our Riverside Ashram. To check the location, click here.

For more info and registration, email us at gokulyogabali@gmail.com

or call Kalina +62 877 61 63 85 33 or Ketut +62 817 97 29 747.