Gokul Sadhaka program is coming to Bali! 

Starting on the 1st of December, a one week (8 days 7 nights) course is an introduction to Gokul Yoga system, great for those who want to go deaper into Yoga practice and those who need a refreshment.

The objective of this program is to provide the participants with the necessary tools to begin Yoga practice under a set structure and a system legitimized by ancient tradition. 

If you are curious about Yoga practice and wishing to dive into the nature of a legitimate Yogic lineage, then Gokul Yoga Sadhaka will be an excellent opportunity to find answers to questions relevant to this subject matter. This program has been designed to serve as the preliminary study work that will pave the way into the three tiered Gokul Yoga Bahiranga Sadhana Teacher Training.

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